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Clf2- Lewis Structure Shape What Is The Best Lewis Structure Of CLF2+?

What is the best lewis structure of CLF2+? - clf2- lewis structure shape

First, the total number of electrons around the central atom, which is Cl

CL - 7
2F - 2E (F is the atom of the government, so that each atom contributes an electron)

The total is like 8th They are under the electron charge due to the positive terminal.

Thus, a total AA 8 electrons around the central atom Cl (4 pairs of electrons)

The 4 pairs of electrons placed so far as possible around the Cl atom is expected tetrahedral geometry likely.

Of the 4 pairs of electrons, 2 of them pairs of bonds (bonding with Cl-FF), and the others are 2 pairs of single-parent families.

Therefore, the Cl atom 2 lone pairs and 2 pairs of bonding electrons and take the form of "V" surrounded or folded.

The Lewis structure:

[F-Cl - F] +

* There are two points each in the lower and above the F-Cl-F
* For your information, F form a bond.

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Anonymous said...

The Lewis structure of CLF2 + can not be delivered in the format, but I can tell you how to design.
Step 1: Determine the number of valence electrons.

Cl = 7
F2 = 2 (7) = 14
This gives a total of 21 valence electrons, but we have to subtract 1 from the sum because it is a positive ion, and thus have a total of 20 valence electrons.

Step 2: Draw the Lewis structure of CLF2 +, I can only participate in it.

[: F = CL = F:] +, which also has two points at the top and bottom of the FS.

Hope this helps,

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